Book Released on PHYSICAL EDUCATION for Affiliated Colleges under University of Jammu, J&K and It covers syllabi as per NEP-2020                        Text Book on Physical Education released by Worthy Dr. Daud Ibal Baba, Director, Directorate of Sports and Physical Education, Unniversity of Jammu, J&K, India. 

Communication Diseases

  Diseases:-   Diseases is combination of two words DIS - disturbed   an d EASE- comfort .          A disease is an illness or a abnormal condition that effect negatively to all parts of an organism and prevent the body and the mind from normal working.         Meaning of communicable disease:               Communicable diseases are those diseases which can be transmitted from one person to another whether directly or indirectly. ·                     Communicable disease includes those diseases revolting from any       type of infection capable of being directly or indirectly transmitted from one individual to other. ·                     Communicable diseases are those infectious diseases which speed from one source to the other. ·                     Communicable diseases are those transferable capable infections or germs multiple diseases which are passed on infected person to healthy person through some medium like food, drinks, air etc. or through direct contact.